Who We Are

As you have seen, the shiur enjoyment team provides shiurim every day and night. There is a lot of effort that goes into these shiurim. Many countless hours are spent. By the nature of running these shiurim, money is required to keep these shiurim going as well. The main goal of shiur enjoyment is Torah, but money is still needed to keep our operations going. Every day, you have the option of sponsoring a shiur in refuah shalaimah of somebody or for another purpose. We learn for the recipient’s zchus. In this regard, we form a Yisachaar-Zevulun relationship. We all receive the same amount of reward in Talmud Torah. We would not want to lose the valuable wisdom the rabbis of the shiurim give to us. We believe in transparency, so we would like to give a report. We are looking for a total of $5,000 The money is being used to revamp the website and pay for the phone lines as well as pay for the website server. We are asking that if you could please donate, we would very much appreciate it. We would like to inform you that we are having a hard time reaching our goal and ask that you give generously. With Hashem’s help, may we see good things in the future.

The Shiur Enjoyment Team