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Pesachim Daf 29B
Pesachim Daf 29 A
Pesachim Daf 55
Parshas Va’era Shiur – Mitzvas Lo L’onen Sorcery & Magic in Halacha


Vo’eiro – the extraordinary lesson from Pharoh’s obstinacy
Vaera – chabura
Pesachim Daf 26B
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Eruvin 10B
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Pesachim Daf 54
Vaera – Thursday
The Audio DT With Reb T, Vaera, “Living The Self Sacrifice Life”
Pesachim 57
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Pesachim 55
Pesachim 54
Pesachim 53
Pesachim 52
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Shabbos Daf 64 B
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Shabbos Daf 63 B
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Pesachim Daf 53
Vaera – Wednesday
Pesachim Daf 52
Vayechi – Feelings and Mechila
Zos Chanukah – Why so special
Vayigash – Consistency, the key to our triumph
Vaera – Tuesday
Yaakov Avinu’s sound advice how to approach golus

The Situation of Preoccupation PDF

The Lecture Series With Reb T: The Situation of Preoccupation Source Sheet
The Lecture Series With Reb T: The Situation of Preoccupation
Pesachim Daf 51
Weekly Review Pesachim 43 – 49
Vaera – Monday
Shabbos Daf 62 B
Shabbos Daf 62 A
Shabbos Daf 61 B
Shabbos Daf 61 A
Pesachim Daf 50
secret of shenayim mikra
Pesachim Daf 49
Vaera – Sunday
Pesachim Daf 48
Pesachim 51
Pesachim 50
Pesachim 49
Pesachim 48
Pesachim 47
Pesachim 46
Shemot – chabura
Pesachim Daf 47
The Audio DT With Reb T: Shemos, “Extend Your Amah”
Shemot – Thursday
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Parshat Shemot Dvar Torah
What’s in a name?
Not only is the sefer we are opening this week called “Shemos – names”, but it also enjoys several appellations itself. Of the lesser known labels, Ramban elucidates the title, “Sefer Geula – the book of redemption.” Ramban in his introductory comments to Sefer Shemos, explains that the sefer does not merely tell a story that includes redemption. Rather the volume is entirely dedicated to redemption and its antecedents. In other words, redemption is not complete with the miraculous splitting of the sea even though our masters remain vanquished. Nor is redemption satisfied with the receiving of the Torah, despite the fact that it entirely transformed our anonymous and meaningless existence into a deliberate, elevated and missionized life. Jewish redemption is about coming back, regaining the ground of the Patriarchs, the coexistence with the spiritual, with all of its profound meaning and awesome responsibilities. That return only became real with the construction of the Mishkan, welcoming Jews to feel the closeness of Shechina. Thus the entire book describes redemption, with the last chapter describing Hashem residing in the Mishkan as the climactic completion to geula.
A different angle is offered by the Beha”g who simply calls this sefer “volume two.” This is noteworthy because he does not refer to any of the other five volumes by their numerical position. To them he accedes their more descriptive labels with which we are familiar. That is why the Netziv in his introductory comments to Shemos dwells on this otherwise unremarkable title. He suggests that the Beha”g wants us to realize that at its core, Sefer Shemos is the inseparable sequel to Breishis in more ways than one. Shemos is not only the actualization of many of the patterns of Breishis but it gives purpose to all that has been recorded. Of course, the sequence of events from famine to displacement to a plagued Pharoh to wealthy redemption comes to fruition. Of far more lasting significance is the choosing of our people, the revelation of Hashem’s plans and practices, and the centrality of His place in this world, all of which are intimated in the medrashic comments on the word “Breishis”, and all of which give purpose to creation. Consequently, it is Book Two that in fact makes Bereishis into Book Number One.
Yet isn’t the most intriguing designation of this second book the name that we are most accustomed to, i.e. “Shemos”? Why should we refer to the entire narrative of the formation of our people as the “record of names”? Moreover, a correct translation of our pronunciation has us calling the sefer, “names of”, a rather dangling title. Furthermore, the title becomes a reference to the list of Yaakov’s children, a list whose seeming redundancy needs to be justified by our commentaries.
Rav Mordechai Druk, who for decades darshaned in five Yerushalmi shuls every Shabbos, intimates that Rashi is not only justifying the repetition of the names of Yaakov’s family when he explains that this communicates Hashem’s affection for us. Rather, Rashi also wants us to be continuously cognizant of that affection throughout our study of the trials and triumphs of exile and redemption. Hence, the name “Shemos” comes as a reminder or a guide to the study of volume two.
I believe that we can gain insight through another comment of the Netziv. With his typical sensitivity to the text, the Netziv points out that the list of names is not referring to Yaakov’s sons, but rather to the tribes of which they are also symbols. More precisely, each name refers to an aspect of the Jewish people, each of which Yaakov had begun to describe in Parshas Vayechi, that the members of each shevet would inject into our people repeatedly. The pasuk reads, “These are the names of Bnei Yisroel that came to Egypt with Yaakov…” The Netziv reasons that were this a list of Yaakov’s children, the Torah would call them the children of Yaakov and simply refer to him in the balance of the pasuk. By explicitly mentioning Yaakov in the end of the pasuk, the “Bnei Yisrael” in the opening phrase must refer to us as a people.
It follows that we have come to refer to this sefer as, “names of [our 12 distinct parts]”. It therefore, seems to me that the name of the sefer, “Shemos”, is one of the mandates of the galus therein described. Perhaps we are being instructed to be ever mindful throughout our diaspora wanderings that we are sorely missing so much of the vibrant colors of our people and the tapestry that can only come through the togetherness of all twelve stripes. That dangling unfinished title, “names of”, refers to our avoda of galus, of maintaining the breadth of opportunities to do Hashem’s will even as the strategies of survival will wisely focus us on one path at a time. Perhaps this title of the galus and redemption experience also refers to the avoda of doing our utmost to hold our brethren close to the missions and mesora of our roots, of keeping the family intact to the best of our efforts.
Finally, the opening נדר of ספר שמות indicates its inseparability form the forgoing narrative, and starts the galus journey at the bedside of Yaakov where each son learns of his strengths and that of his brothers. Each son understands the contribution that they are being asked to make and how incomplete it will be if it is not supported by the blessings of all those in attendance. That journey finally came full circle when each shevet took up its position around the mishkan. It will circle around again when we each return to our tribal section of the Land of Israel, in which we will all find a well-suited home.
  שבת שלום לכולם
Parshat Shemot Dvar Torah
Eruvin 9A
How to survive America
The best part of waking up
Pesachim Daf 46
Pesachim 45
Pesachim 44
Eruvin 8B
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Eruvin 7B
Shemot – Wednesday
Pesachim Daf 45
Shemot – Tuesday
Eruvin 7A
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Pesachim Daf 44
Parshas Beshalach 2019
Parshas-Bechukosai 2019
Parshas Bamidbar Erev Shevuos 2019
Parshas Bamidbar Shevuos
Parshas-Balak 2019
Parshas-Bahar 2019
Parshas-Baaloscha 2019
Parshas Achrei-Mos & Kedoshim
Chayei Sara


Chanuka Inspiration
Parshas Bahar
Shmiras Haloshon 10
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Watch Your Eyes- Shiur 11
Watch Your Eyes- Shiur 10
Watch Your Eyes- Shiur 9
Watch Your Eyes- Shiur 8
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Eruvin 5A
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Eruvin 3B

Shemot – Monday
Intro to minhag ashkanaz
The special gift
Pesachim Daf 43
Weekly Review Pesachim 36 – 42
Pesachim Daf 42
Shemot – Sunday
Pesachim 43
Pesachim Daf 41
Pesachim 42
Pesachim 41
Pesachim 40
Pesachim 39
The Audio DT With Reb T: Vayechi, “Lessons of the End”
Vayechi – chabura
Eruvin 3A
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Pesachim Daf 40
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Vayechi – Thursday
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Pesachim 38
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Vayechi – Wednesday
Pesachim Daf 38
Shabbos Daf 30B
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Shabbos Daf 29B
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Shabbos Daf 28B


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Shabbos Daf 20A
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Shabbos Daf 17A
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Shabbos Daf 13B
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Shabbos Daf 12B
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Shabbos Daf 10B
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Shabbos Daf 9B
Shabbos Daf 9A
Shabbos Daf 8B
Shabbos Daf 8A
Shabbos Daf 7B
Shabbos Daf 7A
Shabbos Daf 6B
Shabbos Daf 6A
A most important sigh
Parshas Vayigash – why do we have commandments
Vayechi – Tuesday

Of Criticism & Cynicism PDF.

The Lecture Series With Reb T: “Of Criticism & Cynicism” Source Sheet
The Lecture Series With Reb T: “Of Criticism & Cynicism”
Pesachim Daf 37
Weekly Review Pesachim 29 – 35
Shabbos Daf 5B
Shabbos Daf 5A
Shabbos Daf 4B
Shabbos Daf 4A
Shabbos Daf 3B
Shabbos Daf 3A
Vayechi – Monday
Shabbos Daf 2B
Shabbos a 2
Chopping wood on yom kippur
Pesachim Daf 36
Pesachim Daf 35
Vayechi – Sunday
Pesachim Daf 34
Vayigash – chabura


Pesachim 37
Pesachim 36
Pesachim 35
Pesachim 34
Laughter is the best medicine
The secret for a successful business
Doctors Orders
Pesachim Daf 33
Pesachim 33
Pesachim 32
Vayigash – Thursday
The Audio DT With Reb T, Vayigash, “Breaking The Neck”
Pesachim Daf 32
The Halachos of Candle Lighting for Shabbos # 1
Vayigash – Wednesday
Vayigash – Tuesday
Pesachim 31
Pesachim 30
Pesachim Daf 31
A segulah for shalom bayis
Pesachim Daf 30
Vayigash- Monday
Does History Truly repeat itself
sharing my Ruchniyus
Ahavas Yisroel and it’s importance
Pesachim Daf 29
Weekly Review Pesachim 22 – 28
“Not only the Baal Shem Tov.”
Pesachim Daf 28
Vayigash – Sunday
Of the mounts iz a yoirtz. What does that mean?
Tall Chanukah candles-in tishrei
The chossid, the robber and the flame
Pesachim Daf 27

Zos Chanukah 5781

Zos Chanukah 5781
Mikeitz – chabura
Pesachim Daf 26
Mikeitz – Thursday
Pesachim 29
Pesachim 28
Pesachim 27
Pesachim 26
Pesachim 25
Pesachim 24
The Audio DT With Reb T: Parshas Mikeitz, “Existing ‘Peacefully’ in Exile “
Pesachim Daf 25
Mikeitz – Wednesday
Mikeitz – Tuesday
Pesachim Daf 24

The Upturn Of Being Stubborn

The Lecture Series With Reb T: The Upturn Of Being Stubborn: Persistent Chanukah Flames Source Sheet
The Lecture Series With Reb T: The Upturn Of Being Stubborn: Persistent Chanukah Flames
Pesachim Daf 23
Acharei Mot & Kedoshim
Mikeitz – Monday
Weekly Review Pesachim 15 – 21
Pesachim Daf 22
Pesachim Daf 21
Mikeitz – Sunday
Pesachim Daf 20
Pesachim 23
Pesachim 22
Pesachim 21
Pesachim 20
Pesachim 19
Vayeishev – chabura
Pesachim Daf 19
Vayeishev – Thursday
The Audio DT With Reb T: Vayeshev/Chanukah: Rising Up With Light
Pesachim 18
Peasachim Daf 18
Pesachim 17
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:18
Vayeishev – Wednesday
Pesachim Daf 17
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:17
Pesachim 16
Vayeishev – Tuesday
Pesachim Daf 16
Weekly Review Daf 8 – 14
Vayeishev – Monday
Pesachim Daf 15
Pesachim Daf 14
Vayeishev – Sunday
Pesachim Daf 13
Pesachim 15
Pesachim 14
Pesachim 13
Pesachim 12
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:16
Vayishlach – chabura
Parshas Vayishlach
Pesachim Daf 12
Vayishlach – Thursday
The Audio DT With Reb T: Vayishlach, “Never Really Alone”
Pesachim 11
Pesachim 10
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:15
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:14
Vayishlach – Wednesday
Pesachim Daf 11
Avos 6:3-4
Avos 6:1-2
Pesachim Daf 10

Be Complacent , Not Impatient: Don’t Lose Your Fuse PDF

The Lecture Series With Reb T: Be Complacent, Not Impatient: Don’t Lose Your Fuse Source Sheet
The Lecture Series With Reb T: Be Complacent, Not Impatient: Don’t Lose Your Fuse
Vayishlach – Tuesday
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:13
Pesachim Daf 9
Pesachim Daf 8


Weekly Review Daf 2-7
Pesachim Daf 7
Pesachim Daf 6
Pesachim Daf 5
Pesachim Daf 4
Pesachim Daf 3
Pesachim Daf 2
Vayishlach -Monday
Parshas Vayeitzei
Vayishlach – Sunday
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:12


Vayeitzei – Friday
The Audio DT With Reb T: Vayetze, “The Essence Of Moving”


Vayeitzei – chabura
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:11
Pesachim 9
Pesachim 8
Pesachim 7
Pesachim 6
Pesachim 5
Pesachim 4
Vayeitzei – Wednesday
Pesachim 3
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:10
Vayeitzei – Tuesday
Avos 5:21-23
Avos 5:19-20
Pesachim 2
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:9
Vayeitzei – Monday
Vayeitzei – Sunday
Toldot – chabura
Toldot – Thursday
The Audio DT With Reb T: Toldos, “Stand Up & Fight For Your Name”
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:8
Eruvin 104
Eruvin 105
Eruvin 103
Eruvin 102
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:7
Eruvin 101
Avos 5:17-18
Avos 5:15-16
Avos 5:13-14
Toldot – Wednesday
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:6
Eruvin 100
Toldot – Tuesday

The Fame of a Good Name

The Lecture Series With Reb T: The Fame Of A Good Name Source Sheet
The Lecture Series With Reb T: The Fame Of A Good Name
Toldot – Monday
Toldot – Sunday
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:5
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:4
Chayei Sara 5781 – Mitzvas Kidushin
Chayeii Sarah – chabura
The Audio DT With Reb T: Chaye Sara, “The Stranger In Our Lives”
Eruvin 99
Eruvin 98
Eruvin 97
Eruvin 96
Eruvin 95
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:3
Eruvin 94
Chayeii Sarah – Thursday
Chayeii Sarah – Wednesday
The PAL With Reb T: S4 3:2
Eruvin 93
Chayeii Sarah – Tuesday