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Vayeshev: What do we think is peace?
Vayeishev – chabura


Menucha – Vayeshev
Ttp, Vayeshev/Chanukah (I), “Don’t settle down”
Ttpa s5 2:15
Taanis 17
Taanis 16
Taanis 15
Vayeishev- Wednesday
Taanis 14
Taanis 13
Taanis 12
Taanis 11
Vayeishev – Tuesday
Ttpa s5 2:14

Flames, Games, and Staying Sane

Tani Talks Life: Flames, Games, & Staying Sane Source Sheet
Tani Talks Life: Flames, Games, & Staying Sane
TTPA S5 2:13
Taanis 10
Vayeishev – Monday
Vayeshev: Look outside your self
Vayeshev: What it means to be Shomer Shabbos
Vayeshev: Hashem wants us to know that He is with us at all times
Vayeishev – Sunday



Vayishlach – chabura part 1&2
Vayishlach – Thursday
Vayishlach: All we have to do is try
Taanis 9
Taanis 8
Taanis 7
Taanis 6
TTPA S5 2:12


Menucha – Vayishlach
Vayishlach: Being able to sing at all times
Vayishlach: Know when to give Mussar
Vayishlach: Nothing stands in the way of a mans will
Taanis 5
TTPA S5 2:11
Vayishlach – Wednesday
Vayishlach – Tuesday
(11_16_21) Yud Tes Kislev Immersion (Part 4)
TTP, Vayishlach, “The Three Prong Approach”
TTPA S5 2:10
Taanis 4
(11_09_21) Yud Tes Kislev Immersion (Part 3)
(11_02_21) Yud Tes Kislev Immersion (Part 2)
(10_26_21) Yud Tes Kislev Immersion (Part 1)
(10_19_21) Let Us Make Man – Why & How Hashem Created Man (Part 3)
(10_12_21) Let Us Make Man – Why & How Hashem Created Man (Part 2)
(10_05_21) Let Us Make Man – Why & How Hashem Created Man (Part 1)
(09_14_21) Sukkos – The Inner Meaning of the 4 Species and The Sukkah
(08_31_21) Rosh HaShanah – Making The New Year Truly New (Part 2)
(08_24_21) Rosh HaShanah – Making The New Year Truly New (Part 1)
Vayishlach – Monday
(08_17_21) Chodesh Elul – Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li (Part 2)
(08_10_21) Chodesh Elul – Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li (Part 1)
TTPA S5 2:9
Taanis 3
Vayishlach – Sunday
Vayeitzei – chabura
Vaytzey: You have my undivided attention.
Vayeitzei – Thursday


Menucha – Vayeitze 5782
Vayetzey: Working an extra seven years to avoid hurting Leahs feelings
Vayetzey: Learning torah leaves an impression
Vayetzey: Real achdus
Taanis 2 (Begin)
Rosh Hashana 35 (End)
Rosh Hashana 34
Rosh Hashana 33
Rosh Hashana 32
TTPA S5 2:8
TTPA S5 2:7
TTP, Vayetzei, “Out of Comfort”
Vayeitzei – Wednesday
TTPA S5 2:6
Rosh Hashana 31
Vayeitzei – Tuesday

Signs Along The Way

Tani Talks Life, “Signs Along The Way” Source Sheet
Tani Talks Life, “Signs Along The Way”
TTPA S5 2:5
Rosh Hashana 30
Vayeitzei – Monday
Vayeitzei – Sunday
Toldot – chabura


Parshas Toldos
Toldos: Hashem cant wait to hear from you
Rosh Hashana 29
Rosh Hashana 28
Rosh Hashana 27
Rosh Hashana 26
Ttpa s5 2:4
Toldot – Thursday


Menucha – Toldos
TTP, Toldos, “Spiritual Progeny”
TTPA S5 2:3
Rosh Hashana 25
Toldot – Wednesday
TTPA S5 2:2
Rosh Hashana 24
Toldot – Tuesday
April 26th LH Toen ve nitan 3
April 21st LM Ch.68 Class 2
April 20th LM Ch.68 Class 1
April 19th LM Ch.66 Class 5
April 18th LM Ch.66 Class 4
April 15th LM Ch.66 Class 3
April 14th LM Ch.66 Class 2
April 13th LM Ch.66 Class 1
Toldos: No matter what we look like, we are still getting the Brachos
Toldos:What Yakov was trying to accomplish by holding onto Esavs ankle
Toldot – Monday
Ttpa s5 2:1
Rosh hashana 23
Toldot – Sunday
Chayei Sarah
Chaya Sara: it is all good
Chayeii sarah – chabura


Chaya Sara”Everythign happens exactly when Hashem wants it to
Rosh Hashana 22
Rosh Hashana 21
Rosh Hashana 20
Rosh Hashana 19
TTPA S5 1:18
Chaya Sara:in marriage, you both have to feel like you got the better end of the deal
Chaya Sara: You have to think outside of yourself to do Chesed

Chayei Sara_5782_8.5×11

Menucha – Chayei Sarah (5782)
Chayeii sarah – Thursday
TTP, Chayei Sara, “Make Me a Match”
TTPA S5 1:17
Rosh Hashana 18
TTPA S5 1:16
Rosh Hashana 17
Chayeii sarah – Tuesday
# 84 Could one return food to the blech if one is missing 1 or 2 conditions_
Basic guidelines to bishul(cooking) on shabbas


#85 What to do if the fire went out under the pot

What is real strength?

Tani Talks Life: What is Real Strength? Source Sheet
Tani Talks Life: “What is Real Strength?”
# 225 understanding the concept of separating pesoles (bad) from _pesoles_(bad). Ex. Separating recycling from the rest
# 281 BORER issues which come up during the dessert of the meal
# 275 BORER review shailos pertaining to soup challah
# 277 BORER All types of shailos (borer) that pertain to SOUP


# 271 BORER The beginning of shabbos_
# 279 BORER Shailos which come up while serving and eating the main dish
# 273 BORER working on review
# 297 BORER Shailos which might come up when preparing to go to sleep


# 227 Separating items from a mixture when both will be used shortly_
# 257 A few very important last points on Borer Yom tov. (part 3)
# 241 Borer – is one allowed to use a pitcher with ice lemon water etc. Inside
borer – is one allowed to use a pitcher with ice lemon water etc. Inside
may one use a pitcher with ice cubes in it. borer with tea bags
separating seforim
How many pieces are needed for a halachic mixture_taruvis_
is one Allowed to Wash Fruits and Vegetables on Shabbos
Working with Pits in Watermelon_
Removing Wrappers from food
Introduction to Peeling Fruits and Vegetables
introduction to peeling fruits and vegetables
Feeding a child food that has bones in it
Removal of Bones from Fish or Meat part 2
Removal of Bones in Fish and to Meat
removing small items from a Drink Soup or other Liquids_
Chizuk in hilchos BORER
understanding the removal of good from good
How to work with attached items in regards to BORER
A different type of mixture . Items which are attached
some more questions of right away which come up very often
separating siddurim chumoshim sforim


Doing acts of sorting for a later time


What to watch out for when doing these preparations right before the meal
Various halachas pertaining to those preparations


how much time does one have for the preparations before the mea
preparations for the upcoming meal
what do we mean when we say for immediate use
many various examples of SILUK which are allowed
understanding the concept of TIKUN OCHEL
items sold separately are they min achad
separating broken matzah and whole matzah
the reason why min achad is allowed
when is min achad allowed
one type some pieces not edible
two different types
derech achila
Has to be for immediate use
BORER good not good kli
introduction to the melacha of BORER
Chayeii sarah – Monday
Chayeii sarah – Sunday
The Sun teaches us how to greet people
Vayeira – chabura
Ttp (haftorah vayera) special episode
Ttp, vayera, “say little, do much”
Ttpa s5 1:14
Rosh hashana 15
Rosh hashana 14
Rosh hashana 13
Rosh hashana 12

Menucha (Vayeira)

Menucha (Vayeira)
Vayeira – Thursday
Rosh hashana 11
Ttpa s5 1:13
Vayeira – Wednesday
Ttpa s5 1:12
Rosh hashana 10
Vayeira – Tuesday
Ttpa s5 1:11
Rosh hashana 9
Vayeira – Monday
Vayeira – Sunday
Use your experiences to help others
Lech Lecha – shiur
Lech Lecha – Thursday
Rosh hashana 8
Rosh hashana 7
Rosh hashana 6
Rosh hashana 5
Rosh hashana 4
Ttpa s5 1:10
Ttpa s5 1:9
Lech Lecha – Wednesday
TTP: Lech Lecha, “Against The Grain”


Whats a Jew To Do – 1:2 – Washing Hands in the Morning
Whats a Jew to do – 1:1 – Modeh Ani
Ttpa s5 1:8
Rosh Hashana 3
Lech Lecha – Tuesday

What Direction Are You Heading?

Tani Talks Life: “What Direction Are You Heading?” Source Sheet
Tani Talks Life: “What Direction Are You Heading?”
Ttpa s5 1:7
Rosh hashana 2 (begin)
Lech Lecha – Monday
Lech lecha – Sunday
Parshas Noach
when hashem plays hide and go seek with His children
Lech Licha: Dont let your fights escalate
Lech Licha:Why would Avraham want to be famous?
Noach – chabura
Beitzah 40 (end)
Beitzah 39
Beitzah 38
Beitzah 37
The keys to rebuilding
TTPA, S5 1:6
Noach – Thursday
what’s a jew to do class 3
what’s a jew to do class 2
TTP: Noach, “Perplexing But Persistent”
TTPA: S5 1:5
Beitzah 36
Ttpa, S5 1:4
Beitzah 35
Noach – Tuesday
Noach: Put the past behind us
Noach: Each person has a unique talent
Noach make our words a jewel
Ttpa: S5 1:3
Beitzah 34


Noach – Monday
Yidishkeit is about the does, not about the nots
Mans potential is infinite
Beitzah 33
Beitzah 32
Beitzah 31
Beitzah 30
Beitzah 29
Beitzah 28
Beitzah 27
Beitzah 26
Tani Talks Pirkei Avos, S5 1:2
Tani Talks Parsha, Bereishis: Find The Goodness
Bereishit – chabura
Bereishit – Wednesday
A small meal allows us to focus on what is really important
Hashem Loves OUR Achdus
Hoshana Rabba





The Chazon Ish’s Imperative Message Concerning the Bochur who Joined a Secular Youth Movement
Be like an esrog, thrive through the year

TTL Sukkot The Meaning of the elements

Tani Talks Life: The Meaning of the Sukkos Elements Source Sheet
Tani Talks Life: The Meaning of the Sukkos Elements
Ttp, season 1 finale, vzos habrachah/sukkos: bring blessing to the world
Beitzah 25
Beitzah 24
Beitzah 23
Beitzah 22
Beitzah 21
Beitzah 20
Beitzah 19
Beitzah 18
Beitzah 17
Beitzah 16
Beitzah 15
Beitzah 14
TTPA S5 1:1
Tani Talks Parsha (TTP): Haazinu, The song of life
Tani Talks Pirkei Avot (TTPA): Season 5 intro
Beitzah 13
Beitzah 12
Beitzah 11
Beitzah 10
Beitzah 9
Ttp, Vayelech, “Go Out & About”


Vayeilech – chabura
Vayeilech – Thursday
Rosh hashana 5782
Beitzah 8
Beitzah 7
Beitzah 6
Beitzah 5
Beitzah 4
Beitzah 3
Beitzah 2

Rosh hashana news5782


Yomim Noroim Newsletter

Shine A Little Light in your life

Tani Talks Life: Shine A Little Light In Your Life Source Sheet
Tani Talks Life: Shine A Little Light In Your Life
Nitzavim – Thursday shiur

Pruzbul Document While in Lockdown


The Pruzbul Document
Tani Talks Parsha: Nitzavim, “All Standing Together”
Nitzavim – Wednesday
Sukkah 55
Sukkah 54
Sukkah 53
Sukkah 52
Sukkah 51
Sukkah 50
day 19
day 18
day 17
day 16
day 15
day 14
day 13
day 12
day 11
day 9
day 8
day 7
day 6
day 5
day 4
day 3
day 2

Rav Elyashiv’s Thank You to his Vascular Heart Surgeon Dr Daniel Clair




Pruzbul Document – When? This Year, Next Year or Both?
Sukkah 49

_Ki Savo_5781

Tani Talks Parsha: Ki Savo, “Don’t Do It Halfway”
Sukkah 48

Just Do It, Go Get Fit!

Tani Talks Life: Just Do It, Go Get Fit! Source Sheet
Tani Talks Life: Just Do It, Go Get Fit!

The Ibn Ezra’s Alarming Definition of an Apikores
TTP, Ki Seitzei, “Lost Along The Way”
Sukkah 47
Sukkah 46
Sukkah 45
Sukkah 44
Sukkah 43


Obscure Ribbis Scenarios
Ki tetzei – Thursday
Sukkah 42
Sukkah 41
Ki teitzei – Tuesday
Ki tetzei – Sunday
8 day
day 8
day 7


shoftim 5781
day 6
day 5
day 4
day 3
Shoftim – Friday

Rebbe Aharon M’Karlin’s Special Sukkah
Sukkah 40
Sukkah 39
Sukkah 38
Sukkah 37
Sukkah 36

The Steipler Gaon and Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li
Tani Talks Parsha, Shoftim, “Don’t Be That Guy”
Sukkah 35
Sukkah 34

To Live to Eat or To Eat to Live?

Tani Talks Life: To Live To Eat Or To Eat To Live Source Sheet
Tani Talks Life: To Live to Eat or To Eat to Live?

10 min

20 min

day 1 of 40
Shoftim – Sunday
Sukkah 33
Sukkah 32
Sukkah 31
Sukkah 30
Sukkah 29
Parshas Reeh- Misplaced Chesed and Rachamim


The Baal Hatanya and the Badchan
Finding Our Way Back 2
Parshas Reeh 5781
Tani Talks Parsha: Re’eh, “Choosing The Good Life “
The Bottom Line
Sukkah 28
Sukkah 27
Sukkah 26
Reeh – Wednesday
Parshas Reeh


Please join us for the 40 day challenge
Parshas Reeh: Shalos Regalim
Parshas Ekev- 100 Brachos and Yiras Shamaim
The Alter Rebbe, The Fire and The Baal Shem Tovs Mirror
The Light Which Was Dark







The Zohar Hakodosh’s Captivating Revelation Towards a Healthy Neshama
Finding Our Way Back
Parshas Ekev
Parshas Ekev 5781
Remembering Aharon
Sukkah 25
Sukkah 24
Sukkah 23
Sukkah 22


Ekev – Friday



Mezuzah Placement pt2- Door Post or Door Jamb
Ekev – Wednesday
Tani Talks Parsha, Eikev, “The Heel of the Matter”
Sukkah 21
Sukkah 20
Ekev – Tuesday
Parshas Vaeschanan- Daven with all your heart!
Parshas Ekev- Hashem is ALWAYS with you!



Halachic Clarifications #6: Mezuzah – Asymmetrical and Precise pt1


Motzei Tisha B`av Mussar

For the love of Hashem’s nature

Tani Talks Life: For The Love Of HaShem’s Nature Source Sheet
Tani Talks Life: For The Love Of HaShem’s Nature
The Pencil Gemach
Parshas Vaeschanan
Sukkah 19
Sukkah 18
Sukkah 17
Sukkah 16
Sukkah 15
Vaetchanan – Friday
Parshas Vaeschanan- Testimony and Laws
The light at the end of the tunnel 5
Loving Shalom and Loving People
Parshas Vaeschanan 5781
Vaetchanan – Thursday




Pirkei Avos- The Silent Path to Redemption
Each One Is Precious
The Most Special Ink
The Moshiach Clock of the Chozeh of Lublin
Jewish Pride On a Dangerous Train


TTP: Vaetchanan, “a little bit about love”
Sukkah 14
Sukkah 13
Sukkah 12
Parshas Vaeschanan- Shabbas Nachamu
Devarim- When HUMANS Collide With Torah
Devarim- Constructive CRITICISM
The Special Bar Mitzvah
Upside Down On Tisha B’av



The Most Holy Shabbos of them All – Shabbos Chazon followed by Tisha Bav
The light at the end of the tunnel 4
Parshas Devarim
Parshas Devarim 5781
Parshas Devarim- Shabbas Chazon
Devarim: Of Words & The Materialistic Life
Sukkah 11
Sukkah 10
Sukkah 9
Sukkah 8
Sukkah 7
The Voice of our Words
Devarim- Constructive CRITICISM


Devarim- When HUMANS Collide With Torah
Matot-Masei- Masei Warriors
The three weeks being a better Jew
Devarim- When HUMANS Collide With Torah

Practical and Concise Halacha pt2: Tisha Bav on Sunday
The King, The Prince and The Absolutely Beautiful New Suit